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Food & Pantry Ministries


Food & Pantry Ministries

Partnership with the St. James Episcopal Church Pantry in Fordham

St. James the Less is in partnership with the food at St. James in the Fordham neighborhood of the Bronx, providing weekly volunteer help and financial assistance. You can join the Fordham Pantry Team of 12 parishioners (and growing) and be put on their schedule to help distribute. Click here if you're interested in helping.


Partnership with Grace Church Episcopal White Plains

When the pandemic began, the need in the White Plains area for food and basic necessities was enormous. St. James stepped in and formed a partnership with Grace Episcopal Church in the heart of White Plains. If you'd like to take part in this ministry, click here.


Midnight Run

For decades we've been in partnership with the Midnight Run Organization, which provides food and basic necessities (toiletries and clothing) to the homeless in New York City. During the pandemic, we've been continuing our "runs" into the city in a way that is safe and smaller scale. After the pandemic, we'll resume our larger trips, which take place either Saturday night or Sunday morning about once a month. Click here to be added to this ministry.

Whether or not you belong to our congregation, you can join our efforts! People from within our church and those who belong to other religious institutions--or none at all--take part in our outreach programs. Contact the Office with interest and we'll get right back to you.


Outreach and service to our community and the world is one of our primary pursuits as the Church of St. James the Less.We are part of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, and in addition to our local work in the parish (listed below) we're a partner with the diocese in many initiatives throughout the region. Some of our parishioners and clergy serve on diocesan boards and committees such as the Rural and Migrant Ministry, Episcopal Charities, the New York Haiti Project and the Diocesan Reparations Committee. You can read more about these and more below. If you are passionate about helping and feeding the hungry, racial justice, caring for the less fortunate, we will put you to work!