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2021 Annual Appeal


Strength & Courage

Strength and Courage

We all have our memories of the past eight months at St. James. Some that stand out to me include: our choir singing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today,” happy framed faces popping up on the screen one by one; the chat feed on the right hand side of the screen on Sunday mornings, all the “good mornings!” ticking down the page; handing out bags of potatoes and onions at the White Plains food pantry; the sun shining through the trees at outdoor worship in the Resurrection Garden; the altar of repose, streamed live on Maundy Thursday.

We are about to begin our 2021 Annual Appeal in a year unlike any other in the life of our parish. Next week you will receive our proposed budget in the mail, with a pledge card and a letter from our wardens.

The church has never felt so important and yet so vulnerable at the same time. The vestry, wardens, and I have looked very carefully at every line in that budget, asking ourselves How important is this right now? We want you to know that, with our budget as with everything else we’re doing, we are responding to these changing times.

I know God will give our parish the “strength and courage” we need right now, the theme for this year’s campaign and two things we pray for each and every week: “Give us strength and courage to love and serve you, with gladness and singleness of heart.”

Please pray this week on what you plan to pledge for 2021. If everyone gives what they gave last year, we will make it through the year ahead, continuing to do the good work we’ve begun. If you’re able to give more on behalf of those who can’t, that would be a tremendous help.

The Book of Common Prayer

Grant us strength and courage to love and serve you with gladness and singleness of heart.

Look for your proposed 2021 budget in the mail next week, and until then, know that I am more grateful than ever for this community. Thank you for staying connected, and being there through whatever challenges we face.

With strength and courage,

Mother Storm

Making & Tracking Your Pledges Through Tithe.ly


Click below to download a summary draft of the 2021 Budget as well as a detailed summary.

Download:  Budget Summary

Download: Budget in Greater Detail