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Racial Reconciliation Task Force,

So, after running it by the leaders of each subgroup, I've decided to move our meeting to Sunday July 18, 12 noon, IN PERSON at the church. That will give us more time to prepare and make it more productive. I know some will be on vacation, but hopefully enough of us can be there to make it a productive meeting.

I've included below some links to things we'll talk about when we meet, and in addition, I'd like to spend time at the meeting reflecting on our first year as a group, as well as making plans for the year ahead.

Here's an agenda, with things (if you can) to read/look at in advance.

  1. Reflect on a year of meeting, reading, praying, protesting, etc. What have we learned? Been surprised by? Are we feeling hopeful? Overwhelmed? Take a moment together to reflect on events of the past year: George Floyd's murder & verdict, January 6, the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre.
  2. Hear from Task Force members Michael Lamb and Roseanne Riolo about last month's Anti-Racism Diocesan Summit. Do we want to connect to other churches? What resources from that meeting could help us be more effective moving forward?
  3. Episcopal Church Race Audit--review and discuss. What was surprising, what not? Reflect on its significance for St. James the Less. NOTE!! There is a webinar TONIGHT, June 1, at 6 pm identifying 9 dominant patterns from the audit. You can still register for that here.
  4. Discuss the online panels (please register for these if you can!) sponsored by the Diocesan Reparations Committee. How can we be more active in the areas they cover: fair housing and education, inequities in health care, criminal justice reform, diversity in the church.
  5. This next year: What do we want to accomplish? Then: should we form different subgroups and/or structure ourselves differently to meet our goals moving forward? Let's try to come up with four or five goals, and brainstorm how to go about meeting them.


Other things of interest that might come up in the discussions above:

Virginia Theological Seminary (Episcopal) begins paying reparations (sent by Liza Brady)If you have other pieces you'd like me to send to the group before our July 18 meeting, please pass them along.

Thanks all. Keep up the good work!!-Mother Storm The Rev. Astrid Storm, Rector(cell) 917-621-5153

If you're interested in joining the Task Force, click here