On the first Sunday of March, and third Sunday of Lent, it was great to see the youth choir (now known as the choristers) singing with the adult choir.  This intergenerational mix is so true to St James and its inclusiveness and joyful values.

The recent Annual Appeal + Capital Campaign visits have this same principle of inclusion and joy - visitors and those being visited are often from different generations and sometimes meeting for the first time, or meeting in a more meaningful way.  I've really enjoyed these visits as they have given me a chance to get to know folks better.

If you get an email or a phone call from anyone on the committee, know that the visitor on the other end of the email or phone is looking forward to meeting with you - it's an enjoyable moment in time and one that connects us further to one another as a parish. 

It's a low pressure, high touch situation - so have no fear!