New to St. James?

Welcome! I'm the rector (lead priest) of St. James. That's me in the middle, next to the former rector to the right. One of my favorite things about my job is inviting new people into our community. I hope you'll come on a Sunday and, if so, please introduce yourself after the service.

The Episcopal Church is truly a treasure. It brings together a deep love of tradition with progressive values. We're part of the wider global Anglican Communion, stemming from the Church of England, the third largest body of Christians in the world. I'm proud to be raising my own children in this church, and love being part of the formation of others--children, their parents, adults, older people, everyone.

St. James is located in historic Scarsdale, but we draw from a lot of zip codes. We're truly diverse, and are committed to growing in diversity. In this divided society, we place particular importance on bringing people together in a loving, safe space where we can share our views and, above all, simply be united in our worship of God.

If you're looking for a spiritual home, you may well find it at St. James! Hope to see you on a Sunday, and of course always feel free to contact or visit me during the week with questions.

Plan Your Visit

What are services like?

We have two services on Sunday, and one on Wednesday, all following the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. Please note that children are welcome at ALL our services! The Sunday 9 am service lasts 30 minutes, includes a homily, hymn, and Holy Communion, and is less formal. (Note: in July and August the 9 am service is outdoors in our lovely churchyard.) The 10:30 am service lasts 55 minutes, includes choir, hymns, a homily, and Holy Communion. The Wednesday service is a short 25-minute service of Holy Communion with a brief homily. It begins at 9:30 am.

What about my kids?

Kids are welcome at all services!! In addition to a children's chapel during the first half of the 10:30 am service, there is an amazing children's corner right in one of the transepts of the main church with coloring books and supplies, as well as a mini-altar and items to keep kids busy--a huge highlight for kids and families. Little ones' noises are always welcome and loved. High school interns are present during services to guide the kids and, if needed, help with the littlest ones. Welcoming children in the full life of our community is very important in the Episcopalian tradition. We value kids' presence and participation in our services, and feel it's the best way for them to learn about church. 

What do people wear?

For the most part, people dress casually at St. James. At more festal services--Confirmation, Easter, Christmas Eve--people tend to dress up, and some parishioners prefer to dress up every Sunday. But the majority of people wear everyday attire to all services.

What about parking?

There is plenty of parking, and a person to help park cars on busier Sundays. 

If I'd like to join the parish, what are the next steps?

We welcome new members all the time, and would love to have you among them! To become an official member, you can make a financial commitment using the "Give" tab above. Most members make a recurring ("sustaining") annual gift through our giving platform, which you can access under the "Give" tab above. You may also email the Director of Finance, Carol Burns (see the staff page) with an annual amount you'd like to give, and she will follow up with you. You can give by credit card, check, or cash, on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We also take Venmo and Paypal. 

You will also be added to the "New Member" list, which is led by a New Member Committee. They plan regular social functions and other events for all members within their first year of joining. To be on that list, you can join via the phone app, and/or if you make a new financial pledge you will automatically be added to the members' list. 

Get Connected


The best way to start connecting, other than showing up Sunday, is to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Click the newsletter link on the main menu and hit "subscribe" on the upper left corner. That will connect you with our weekly news, which arrives via email every Thursday. 

Phone App

You can also connect by downloading our phone app. Click the little phone icon on the upper  righhand side of this website to get that app. I'ts worth it! It's the main source of information all in one place--weekly news, social media pages (no account needed), occasional updates on events. You can also use the app to join groups--parent groups, the Men of St. James, outreach groups, and lots else. You don't have to create an account to access the information, but if you do, you can enter your name and you will automatically go into our database. 

Contact Mother Storm or Mother Eliza

You may also simply reach out to one of our priests by email. We'd love to hear from you and set up a time to talk.