Our Klais Organ

St. James the Less Episcopal Church is celebrating its new Klais pipe organ. Having arrived from Bonn, Germany, the newly dedicated, world-class instrument is a musical gift for the St. James parish, the lower Hudson Valley, and the greater New York area.The organ was dedicated on Sunday, October 29, 2017. “Beautiful, heartfelt worship is central to the identity of Episcopalians, and the organ is central to our worship,” says The Reverend Astrid Storm.

Containing 61 ranks over four manuals and five divisions (including an Antiphonal division at the back of the church), the organ is a notable addition to the music scene at the church and in the greater Westchester and Lower Hudson Valley area. “Sunday mornings have been such a pleasure, especially when accompanying the choir and playing hymns and service music. I know that congregational hymn singing has significantly improved because of the antiphonal division. People feel they are supported when they sing, so they sing more confidently,” says Director of Music and Organist Victoria Shields.

Colorful, expressive, and able to handle a diverse repertoire, the Klais pipe organ is used for services and concerts alike.  The parish presents the organ regularly in concerts, including solo recitals and with the organ as an ensemble instrument (chamber music, and accompanying choirs). We feature established organists with high-profile international status, along with talented students.

This season David Hurd, a prominent organist and composer, will present a solo recital on Sunday, May 19, 2024 at 3:00 PM.

The organ parts arrived in July of 2017, in 307 crates on three shipping containers with over 3,000 pipes. Over $1.7 million was donated by 70+ parishioners and friends of the church.

“Our work is based on the traditions from the past, however oriented towards the future, ” says Phillip Klais, CEO, Klais Orgelbau.

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